Dear Benedict Hotel & Spa team, thank you very much - I booked a room for my mother so that she could celebrate her birthday in a pleasant atmosphere - thanks to you, my mother is delighted, she really liked everything! She noted both the design of the hotel, and the convenience of the room (it was superior), and how well the hotel fits into the surrounding area, and the beauty of the spa area (I couldn't use it, unfortunately, I didn't feel very well, but I went to see it), and the responsiveness of the staff! She also noted the restaurant, which is very stylish, the menu is interesting, the dishes are delicious, the live music is wonderful, and a compliment for dessert caused a separate delight! For my part, I want to thank everyone involved once again, both in the hotel and in the restaurant, for being treated with such attention - I wrote in the comments when booking that it was my mother's birthday, but not all hotels notice it, and thank you very much for everything! I sincerely wish you prosperity and many grateful customers!
I visited the SPA of the hotel. Master masseur Sergey is a high professional. Carefully, tactfully conducted a massage session, taking into account individual contraindications. After a hard day, a great way to relieve tension and have fun. I recommend it!
Have been twice

Both in January and in March

I really liked it, very cozy hotel, original design

Clean warm light

Very polite staff

The restaurant is very good

The food is also delicious

It is clear that professionals are working