A wonderful hotel, pleasantly pleased with the price-quality ratio. Very beautiful and stylish, the level of aesthetics is at a good level. There is a park nearby, there is a wonderful restaurant downstairs where you can spend the evening and enjoy breakfast in the morning, which pleasantly surprised you with the quality and unbroken menu. In the spa area, you can really relax and unwind (silence, no noise and fuss, entrance to the area is limited in number). The only negative for the rooms that are located above the restaurant, on weekends there are either events or music programs - it's a little noisy.
A wonderful hotel, modern, seasoned and very pleasing to the eye design. Comfortable rooms, excellent service. The aquazone was pleasantly pleased. The spa programs are super, the masters are just God :) Great restaurant. The only caveat is that the quality of wi-fi needs to be tightened. Either this was only a local problem during my stay, or we really need to work on a larger bandwidth. Otherwise, everything is super! Thanks to the staff of the Benedict Hotel.
Accidentally stopped during a business trip. I was struck by the price-quality ratio, a serious plus was the presence of a recreational area under the windows, since rest between working days was very important. Now I stop only here. A great alternative to an overnight stay in Moscow.