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Media about us: interview with Photo

A solid building stands out against the background of the forest - the city of Zelenograd has acquired a high-level hotel for the first time in its 60-year history.
But where did the name come from? And what is the hotel like inside?
Anna Markosian, General Director of Benedict Hotel & Spa 4*, helped us to learn more about the new hotel that opened recently - on September 15, 2022.

World Travel Biz: Anna Alexandrovna, tell us how your hotel appeared. 
Anna Markosian: Zelenograd definitely needed a prestigious decent hotel. There are 300 thousand people in the city. This is a good district of Moscow, spread out surrounded and inside a park area. And at the same time, there was not a single high-level hotel in it - neither for recreation, nor for receiving guests, nor for holding events.
Initially, we had an idea that there would definitely be a hotel in Zelenograd. Eleven years ago we started the project. But due to certain circumstances and reasons, the construction was postponed or postponed. Plus our vision was that the hotel should be of very high quality, aesthetic. The implementation of this approach required both time, effort, and material investments. We decided not to rush, but to do everything well.
They did and finally opened. I can already say that the city has received our hotel very well. Both residents and administration.

World Travel Biz: Where did the name of the hotel come from? There is a temple opposite the hotel, but it is Orthodox.
Anna Markosian: As for the name. A hotel is not just a place to sleep. The hotel has a certain ritualism. One of the greatest pleasures in a hotel, especially at a level like ours, is breakfast. Breakfast as a starting point.
If you come to the city on business, then a quality breakfast is the starting point of your day. During a romantic stay at the hotel, breakfast is the final point. During a tourist trip, breakfast is the starting point. In any case, breakfast is a kind of center around which the day is built when a person is at the hotel. We considered the breakfast "Benedict" to be a symbol of a luxurious breakfast. We named the hotel after him. The restaurant "Ziamo", located on our territory, specially made a special breakfast menu for the hotel. In terms of saturation, it is maximally expanded. Everything that can be done with "Benedict", sauce, with this concept, we have presented. And this menu will expand. Even when we have a "Swede", it also necessarily has a position branded "fried eggs Benedict" from our chef.

World Travel Biz: Tell us more about the hotel – what is your room stock, what types of rooms are offered?
Anna Markosian: In Benedict Hotel & Spa 4* there are 35 rooms of three categories – standard, superior and suite. Upon request, we provide guests with cots, extra beds. There are also connecting rooms, without fail – they are very convenient for families with children.
World Travel Biz: Are pets accepted?
Anna Markosian: Unfortunately, no. I say "unfortunately" because we ourselves love pets very much, we have them at home. The problem is not in the animals themselves, but in the irresponsible attitude of some owners to our smaller friends. For example, an animal can be left alone in the room to go crazy.

World Travel Biz: Benedict Hotel & Spa 4* is conveniently located in terms of transport accessibility. For guests arriving by car, parking is freeI?
Anna Markosian: Yes, parking is free for guests. Both during the day and at night. As well as for the guests of our restaurant and spa guests.

World Travel Biz: So, what kind of guests is the hotel focused on?
Anna Markosyan: There are many enterprises in Zelenograd, including those of federal importance. So corporate clients come to the city regularly. In addition, as I noted, our hotel has become a recreation and leisure center for the residents of the city themselves. I think it is very important that we are closely intertwined in the life of the local community and are the center of attraction not only for the guests of Zelenograd, but also for the residents of Zelenograd themselves. 
I can say that the hotel has already become a center of attraction for both city guests and local residents. Leisure center. What is interesting is that people give a room in our hotel as a gift to their mother, family, for example, on their parents' wedding anniversary, and gather together in a restaurant to celebrate a holiday. It's a beautiful tradition.
Zelenograd is not only a city with a population of 300 thousand. Zelenograd is located in the north-west of Moscow, actually in the Moscow region. Residents of Solnechnogorsk, Klin come to us both to work and to rest.
Zelenograd is a city that is very endearing and very relaxing. Especially its park areas.
When Zelenograd guests come to our hotel, they say: "Oh, it feels like we're not in Zelenograd." And I answer: "On the contrary, you are in Zelenograd." High level of service, aesthetics. This is Zelenograd, which we must now discover for ourselves. And to open to yourself, and to Moscow, and to the world. What we give to the city is a guideline for the development of Zelenograd for the future. 

World Travel Biz: Tell me, who manages the hotel – an invited management company or the hotel's own team?
Anna Markosian: We have a good team of our own. The hotel manager previously worked in a well-known international hotel chain in top positions. As owners, we do not prevent professionals from working and successfully carrying out operational activities.

World Travel Biz: What role does the spa center play in the operating profitability of the hotel?
Anna Markosian: As for the spa, this is a kind of magical space of the hotel.
It arouses great interest among both guests and residents of the city. It was designed – as well as the hotel itself – by one of the best architectural teams in Russia – the Alexandra Fedorova Bureau.
The center of attraction of the architectural space of the hotel is a unique art object - a soaring staircase that frames a 14–meter chandelier made of brass keys, symbols of Benedict Hotel&SPA.
Therefore, we can say that our hotel is a designer.Every detail has been thought out in order to ensure exactly the rest. It's good that the spa is located in the basement – it creates a feeling of a kind of cocoon, separation from the daily hustle and bustle.
A person enters some other space, some other world, which gives him the opportunity to reboot, the opportunity to fully relax.
The aquazone visit service includes a visit to the aquatonic pool, a Moroccan hammam, a selection of tea and healthy snacks in the relax bar. The spa has another hammam - a treatment room, where treatments are carried out on products of a luxury French brand. 

In addition, we offer a very wide range of procedures. All of them are adequate in price. And in principle, adequacy is the message that we have laid in the spa, in the restaurant, and in the hotel. Adequacy to the requirements of time, the requirements of our guests and an adequate price –quality ratio.
Our task of those working in hospitality is to keep the veil of life while various complex events take place in the world.

It is clear that society is now alarmed. But this is a certain period of time that now needs to be lived and experienced. The service sector, hotels should remain the center of warmth and humanity.