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Rostourism has officially awarded the new hotel in Zelenograd a "star category". It is planned to open a hotel with a spa complex and an Asian restaurant in September. 

About the assignment of the category "4 stars" to the Benedict Hotel&SPA on Nikolsky Proezd, its owners told the Infoportal (a copy of the supporting documents is available to the editorial office). According to them, earlier a special commission inspected the hotel, checked it for compliance with certain requirements and drew up certificates of conformity of the parameters of the object to classification standards. After that, the documents were sent to the Federal Tourism Agency, which issued the corresponding certificate to Benedict in early August. It will be valid for three years — until August 2025. Note that the sign with four stars appeared on the hotel building a few months earlier. 

The hotel building itself was built back in 2011, but it was not used for a long time and stood in a preserved form. Plans to open a four- or five-star hotel there under the Benedict Hotel&SPA brand became known two years ago. After that, finishing works began at the facility, including the renovation of the facade. The project of the exterior of the hotel was developed by the Moscow architectural bureau of Alexandra Fedorova. The architects proposed to get rid of the mirrored bronze stained glass windows and replace the cladding by applying a combination of porcelain stoneware, composite panels with a wood texture and facing bricks in the new finish. 

The hotel will have 35 rooms, including 30 double "rooms", 3 "junior suite" (with the possibility of accommodating three people) and 2 "suites" (with the possibility of accommodating up to four people). In addition, the hotel will house a spa complex with a swimming pool and an Asian restaurant Ziamo. The opening of "Benedict" is planned approximately in September of this year.