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Media about us: interview with Photo
In one of the most picturesque places of Zelenograd on Nikolsky Proezd, the four-star Benedict Hotel opened with spa complex and pan-Asian restaurant Ziamo. The main thing in the life of the hotel is told by its owner and manager.

The hotel starts with ... breakfast
We have been thinking for a long time about the name for the new hotel. Something directly related to the name of Zelenograd, the green city, the green hotel, etc. seemed too banal, and we wondered who our guests were, and what they remember most about the hotel? For people coming to our city on a business trip, and for tourists, the day naturally begins with breakfast. For them, this is a kind of "starting point" of their stay in Zelenograd. For guests spending a romantic weekend in our hotel, breakfast, on the contrary, symbolizes the end of the holiday. But for all guests, it is breakfast that can become the most memorable and pleasant experience in the hotel, when you can afford to start the day without fuss, try new tastes, slowly admire the view from the window with a cup of coffee in your hands. And what is the symbol of an exquisite classic breakfast at the hotel? Of course, "Benedict". Hence the name Benedict Hotel.

The island of tranquility and care
Benedict is conceived and executed as a special space where you can relax and escape from the outside world. Guests forget about the hustle and bustle, and after spending time at the hotel, at the spa, they leave rested and restored inner balance. That is why the spa in the hotel is not a tribute to fashion. This is just a necessary part of the Benedict complex. This is a place that in our turbulent times gives guests care, allows you to quickly recover from stress, "get back to yourself". Very often, guests, having visited the spa and the hotel, as a manifestation of care, give their loved ones certificates at the Benedict Spa. For example, we already have a boom in New Year's certificates. 

Getting into the spa area, guests find themselves in a magical space with its own special atmosphere, subdued lights, relaxing music. This is a health and relaxation zone with an aquatonic pool, which, despite its small size, allows you to feel the movement of water. By the pool there is a relax bar with tea and cold soft drinks and healthy snacks, we are specially looking for and buying the best nuts and dried fruits. 

Spa is a chamber place with a limited number of visitors up to 10 people in each two—hour session, so that guests feel comfortable. Experience shows that spending two hours in the "wet" area of the spa (pool, hammam) is quite enough to reboot.

Of course, we offer a wholemenu of spa treatments, and those that give a quick and noticeable effect. These are spa treatments based on natural cosmetics, complemented by general relaxation of the body. There is a whole philosophy of rest according to the formula "beauty that does not require sacrifice." Guests enjoy not only the result, but also in the process of leaving.

We work on very good cosmetics. We have not only world-class French and Italian brands familiar to everyone, but also unique Russian developments that have proven themselves perfectly. We looked at them for a long time, tried, tested for two or three months, until we made a decision. 

One of the main principles in the work of the spa, and of our entire complex as a whole, is adequacy. The adequacy of the services offered, the adequacy of the relationship with the guests, the adequacy of the price-quality ratio.

Japanese traditions, new technologies and your health
The Benedict Spa has a unique detox module Iyashi Dôme. He came to us from Japan. This is just an ideal non-medical device for restoring the body and relaxation, combining the ancient Japanese traditions of burying in warm black volcanic sand and modern developments on the beneficial effect of long-wave infrared radiation on the body. Compared to a conventional sauna and a standard infrared sauna, Iyashi Dôme allows you to remove many times more harmful and toxic substances from the body, products of the breakdown of visceral fat, provides muscle relaxation and full rest.

International standards and attention to detail
Benedict hotel&spa is an honest 4 stars. The hotel fully corresponds to the declared level. The design of the facade and the entire interior space of the hotel was developed by the architectural bureau of Alexandra Fedorova, one of the best architects in Russia today. Neither the spa nor the rooms have any unnecessary details, everything is purely functional, practical, but at the same time very aesthetically pleasing.
Benedict operates according to the standards of international hotel chains, which are designed not only for the efficiency of management and staff work, but, above all, for the comfort of guests — so that guests want to stay with us as long as possible. Standards define a lot of seemingly inconspicuous, but very important details. These are the quality of materials used in the decoration, the quality of mattresses and bed linen, blackout curtains, the number of towels, the availability of a hair dryer and personal hygiene products and much more.

For example, the carpet in our hotel rooms is 70% made of natural wool, so it is more pleasant to walk on it than on synthetics. The beds even in standard rooms are very wide, pillows of different stiffness to choose from, mattresses of such quality that not everyone can afford at home, and sleeping on them will definitely be the most comfortable. We provide guests with room cosmetics only of the luxury class. Each room must have drinking water and a tea center, and suites have a coffee machine. All rooms have safes and mini-refrigerators.

The most beautiful cheesecake
What could be the easiest way to distract a person from everyday worries than a new environment and new tastes? The hotel has a restaurant of pan-Asian cuisine Ziamo, where you can taste not only the magicalbreakfasts, which played such an important role in the name of our hotel, but alsodishes in the best traditions of Pan-Asian cuisine. By the way, you can come to breakfast from 7 am, which is rare for our city.

We have a wonderful chef who really knows this cuisine. Its menu has pan-Asian dishes adapted to the Russian consumer, but there are also authentic positions for lovers and connoisseurs of this cuisine. Such dishes are not always clear to an ordinary guest, but we do not want to go into pan-Asian "pop" at all yet. For example, our tom-yam is served without rice, which usually knocks down all other flavors, and they need to be emphasized on the contrary. Therefore, we took the liberty to serve a real tom-yam.

Our desserts deserve special mention. They are spectacular, unexpected both in taste and in presentation. We have the most Asian honey cake and the most beautiful cheesecake in town. This is a real show dessert, an independent "star" of any tea party or a memorable end to dinner.

Fuss, haste, anxiety remain outside the door
Who is coming to us? It is already safe to say that we have proved to be in great demand among corporate clients. Many companies have their own standards for the placement of seconded employees, which determine the minimum room size, the availability of a quality breakfast, etc. Until now, there simply was no hotel in Zelenograd that provides the proper level of service for such customers. Today we cooperate with many enterprises. 

Of course, for customers, this means the flexibility of the hotel both in terms of accommodation and in terms of tariffs. And even in terms of placing furniture in the rooms. 

Of course, it is already safe to say that Benedict is popular with locals who want to have a good rest, escape from routine or spend a romantic weekend at the hotel. 

Benedict is often chosen for hen parties, and by the summer we plan to start hosting weddings as well. Wedding agencies have already begun to show interest in our site, possible scenarios, decor are being developed, they even came up with where the wedding arch will be.

Benedict is a kind of cultural center, a place for communication, pleasant pastime, comfort and reboot. Our regular guests often say that it is worth crossing the threshold of Benedict, and the fuss, haste, anxiety remain outside the door. "Yes, that's how it was intended," we reply.