Opening of the hotel

Opening of the hotel: Photo

The owners and employees of the new Benedict Boutique Hotel in Zelenograd are ready and happy to receive guests.

The hotel is literally permeated with an atmosphere of sophistication and style, which is provided by the unique design solutions of one of the best architectural bureaus in Russia. The hotel has 35 rooms with luxurious interiors combining the classics of premium wood materials and hi-tech design style. 

The highest level of comfort and ergonomics are provided by the perfect quality of wi-fi networks, modern TVs with a multimedia center, unique thoughtful solutions to provide an unsurpassed level of sleep and other components of an ideal holiday.

A special pride is the first SPA complex in Zelenograd, in which the balance of the traditional format of SPA spaces and the latest technologies was perfectly maintained.

Simultaneously with the hotel, a premium pan-Asian cuisine restaurant opens its doors ZIAMO, where the menu includes more than 60 different dishes, as well as extraordinary cocktails and a wine list are offered.