Benedict Hotel&SPA is officially the best hotel in Moscow

Benedict Hotel&SPA is officially the best hotel in Moscow: Photo
Benedict Hotel was awarded the Moscow Government's "Путеводная звезда 2023" Award, which awarded to the best representatives of the hotel and tourism industry. In total, more than 470 applications were received for the competition. Among the nominees were hotels, tour operators, restaurants, museums, travel services and startups.
Benedict Hotel&SPA won the nomination for four-star hotels. During the ceremony, a very important circumstance was highlighted: Benedict Hotel&SPA is not only the best hotel in the capital, but also the youngest hotel among the participants of the competition: we opened in September 2022. 

Another important feature of Benedict Hotel&SPA is that the hotel is not located in the tourist center of Moscow. Our experience shows that Zelenograd is not the outskirts of a megalopolis, but a very important and significant area of the capital for the tourism and hospitality industry. We boldly say: the best hotel in the capital is located in the best area of Moscow.
We, Benedict Hotel&SPA, officially the best in Moscow, promise our customers that we will never lower the bar. Now our task is to remain the best and change only for the better in accordance with the wishes of our guests.