The hotel is new, stylish, the rooms are clean, with good cosmetics, there is a forest under the window, birds sing in the morning. Very comfortable mattress. And what a breakfast! The pool is clean, very nice in the pool area, candles are burning. The hotel has a restaurant with Asian dishes and chic free wine. Fairy tale)
A wonderful hotel, clean, cozy, all the beauty is in the details. I was in the aquazone and at the procedure "Inspiration by Thailand" at the spa master Dmitry, I really liked the hands. The aquazone is beautiful, the pool is at a comfortable temperature that you don't want to get out of the water. It smells delicious everywhere, treats, tea, lemonade by the pool. The restaurant has decent wines by the glass for free! Pleasure! I didn't want to leave
We live not far from the hotel, we always go to a restaurant to eat, and then I wanted a SPA! We took a room with my husband, booked a SPA. We were satisfied. The room is spacious, new, comfortable. The view was of the temple. The embroidered logos on pillowcases, sheets, towels and bathrobes were especially captivated. Design is in the details. We were alone in the SPA, there are three massage rooms, a hammam and a swimming pool. Various teas, lemonades, nuts and fruits are laid out to have a snack. In the pool itself there is a Jacuzzi (turned on with a button) and a wave to float endlessly (also turned on with a button). In the locker room there are plastic slippers, a replaceable bathrobe and a towel - everything you need! We had a great two hours and went to a restaurant for dinner, where friends joined us. Live music, unobtrusive, very stylishly selected repertoire. Did not interfere with talking, but created a mood. Great wine list in the restaurant! from food - EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS!!! We woke up in the morning and went to breakfast. My husband noted the blackout curtains, he can't sleep without them) Breakfast exceeded all expectations! There is everything for every taste! And porridges, and cereals, sausages, fish, meat cuts, quiche with chicken - a complete delight! My husband is fastidious in food, but here even he was delighted, he found everything he needed for himself) I was also pleased with the beautiful and spacious summer veranda right in the forest) It's nice to drink coffee in the morning, and the birds are singing around) In general, we were completely delighted. We are already going with a group of girls to the SPA for a bachelorette party) Thank you Benedict Hotel for a wonderful evening) P.S. My husband is on the trail. the day was a birthday, a small and delicious present was made upon check-in) Thank you, very nice)